New World of Work

A New World of Work offers plenty of chances and opportunities. However, there are also some pitfalls. Since 2006 Luud has run a program through which managers and staff can enhance their insight, develop their vision and act accordingly.

What is the New World of Work all about? What are the consequences for culture, management style and work life balance? Are we up to the challenge? These and other questions are adressed in the program that consists of workshops, training courses and individual coaching.

The concept is very successful and receives extremely positive feedback. Within Microsoft for instance it runs and has been running in 6 different countries and was officially rewarded as being a ‘Best Practice’ in Europe. People’s view on their work life balance has significantly increased after and even during the program in many international organisations. The University of Vienna amongst others has also adopted it.

It starts Top Down!

Vision and commitment on the part of management is essential for success. Therefore we start with an intensive workshop for the Leadership Team. Why is Work Life Balance no longer a term that covers it all? On what issues should we develop a company vision? What is our responsability and that of the individual?

First a kick off

There could be a kick-off during which all employees are familiarized with the concepts of Balance and the New World of Work. This is where management can show it’s commitment. The Kick-Off could very well take place during a scheduled all-employee meeting or even during a ‘happy hour’.

The Self Assessment Questionnaire

Luud has developed a practical questionnaire that anyone can fill out electronically within 5 minutes. Based on this Self Assessment - an essential element of the concept - everybody will receive personal and confidential feedback on his or her own situation, chances and risks along with some personalized tips and possible solutions.

For the whole population the ‘Awareness Workshop’

In this workshop participants will learn new concepts on the New World of Work and the challenges of balance. Why has balance little to do with time and much more to do with energy and Personal Leadership? What are some of the first concrete steps people can implement to improve their balance? What about the impact of the New World of Work? An important prerequisite for these workshops is the self-assessment. Teams can also run the Awareness Workshop;  so specific team issues can be adressed.

For managers the ‘Coach de Coach’ workshop

As we want the entire program to have a long term impact we offer all managers a coach-the-coach workshop in which we will discuss changes and challenges in management and leadership styles associated with the New World of Work. Detecting balance issues in an early stage, coaching team members, dealing with resistance and stimulating Personal Leadership.

Actually in trouble? Balance Training!

This two day training course is designed for those who need to go deeper than is possible in the Awareness Workshop. In small groups participants will do a deep dive into their personal situation and learn how to master the different elements and techniques in their own life. The course is specifically aimed at people that are currently facing issues.

Last but not least: individual coaching

In order to create the opportunity to discuss issues on a more personal level we provide individual in depth coaching as well. Obviously the Self Assessment is also an important prerequisite. Some companies offer their employees the opportunity for coaching together with their partner which could have a positive effect on discussions at home.