Retreat in France

Are you trying to bring more quality into your life? Are you confronted with the consequences of life in the fast lane? A myriad of options are available as work and life become ever more intertwined. How can you give more meaning to your life?

To help them answer these and other questions we receive people in France for individual coaching the whole year round. After more than 10 years of experience we can say that the unique combination of our experience, attention, nature and the exquisite taste of the French cuisine is inspiring and effective!

Personal Retreat

Who am I as a person? What is best for me? What makes me special? What am I passionate about? What is really important in the current state of my life and career? How can I best focus and develop? What kind of work is really suitable for me?

Personal Retreat is a program for career and life development  and aimed at those who want to deal with the question of how their business life relates to their personal capabilities, knowledge and needs. It is pertinent for everyone who wants to gain more control over their life, further their personal effectiveness , decrease feelings of stress and just want more fun living and working. After an intensive week you will have a plan and you will know where to start! Of course your partner is very welcome to join you! Photo’s you can find in our  Personal Retreat-album.

Team Retreat

How effective are we? What are our hidden qualities? Are we using our full potential? Could we improve on communication and in what way? How are we going to make this group into a team?

Our Team Retreats are varied and tailored to your specific needs. Over the years we have worked with teams that have developed habits that work against their effectiveness and also with groups that  have only recently formed a team and were in need of teambuilding.

Outdoor-elements are combined with intensive individual and group assessments. Always aimed at creating a winning team using each members individual skills and qualities. Group assignments as well as personal coaching are be part of the program. The process can be extended and completed with coaching on-the-job. Photo’s you can find in our Team Retreat-album.


‘Le Bolet’, as our guesthouse is called, is built against a hill, with pretty views over the rolling landscape of Domaine d’Essendieras, is suitable for 8 persons and has a heated private swimming pool. The house is very beautifully situated in a rural environment that is characterized by hills, forests and lakes. It has a stylish living room with large fireplace. There are multiple color televisions and a dvd player available. In the dining room is a cosy big table for 8 persons. 

In the luxurious kitchen you will find, among other things, a dishwasher, stove, oven, microwave, coffee maker, kettle, fridge/freezer, full crockery, cutlery, pans etc. Towels and tea towels etc. are present.  On the floor are located; a double bedroom with private bathroom with shower and toilet, another double bedroom, and a third bedroom with 2 beds and a bunk bed. In addition, another bathroom with washbasin and shower and a separate toilet.  Large garden table and 8 chairs, seats and 6 comfortable daybeds. At the house you will find 2 mountain bikes and a barbecue. You can also use all other facilities that the domain has to offer you. Free WIFI. Photo’s you can find in our  Le Bolet-album.